18 Celebrity Instagrams You Need To See This Week

Here’s what celebs ‘grammed this week.

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Undead hordes spotted on the streets of London... but d...

But no, the horrifying scene wasn't just the Piccadilly Line at rush hour....

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Cute Or Creepy? Avatar Babies Are Freaking The Internet...

We still haven’t decided if these “Avatar” babies are creepy, or awesome, o...

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World's sexiest computer hacker claims she could attack...

Chinese cyber-sexpot says she would distract security guards with her 'uppe...

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Amazing pictures capture student's daring climb to top...

Alexey Kuznin used a simple rope to scale a 512ft skyscraper and his poor p...

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What Is The Best T.V Show Ever?

Let us know what is best T.V show of all time

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Trump, Clinton begin final weekend sprint

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton entered the final weekend sprint toward th...

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World’s First Street Art In The Amazonian Rainforest

Philippe Echaroux created this Street Art 2.0, a way of doing street art th...

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Who's Your Favorite Marvel actor?

Choose between the actors of The Avengers, Captain America,Guardians of The...

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Which Teen T.V. Show Drama Queen Are You?

Are you more of a Blair Waldorf, or a Brooke Davis?

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10 Tiny Things That Really Annoy Tidy People

How anyone can sleep in a bed without sheets is beyond you.

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I Look For Famous Movie Locations And Recreate Their Sc...

Traveling to movie locations of the most famous films (mostly in LA) is a f...

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LEGO Vehicles Take Over The Streets Of Rome

Rome is full of amazing sights. The Colosseum. The Pantheon. The Trevi Foun...

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How (And Why) This Man Lived In His Car For Over A Year

Welcome to Hotel Prius.

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The Ultimate Lipstick Vs. Food Test

May your lipstick last longer than your hot dog.

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